Friday, Leura, Clear

After a long, hot, unyielding summer — it is finally Autumn.

The days are bright and clear but the sun is soft, golden, as close to syrup as light can be. It seems to reach much further into the house these days too. The two maples on either side of the house seem to be holding their leaves longer than last year, but almost everywhere else they’re coming down in regular little showers of yellow, brown, and a red so red that it’s almost purple.

We all tend to wake up around 6:30. There’s a growing chill outside but it’s still mild enough for us to be in the garden by about 7. I drink a freshly brewed coffee while Miles eats buttered toast, berries, and milk. We sit and wait for visits from wattlebirds and white butterflies.

This morning we collected the crabapples that had fallen from the tree out front and put them in a shoebox. They were sticky, gently warmed by the sun to release their sugars and oils. Little mishapen lumps that filled the box with a vibrant green aroma.

I left after breakfast for the library to work, but turned around immediately after I arrived. I wanted to spend the day at home because it’s finally autumn.