Tuesday, Katoomba, Overcast

One of the surest signs of a change in weather is the cacophony of the Kookaburras. This is particularly true at the end of a long period of rain – which is happening right now. An eight day stretch of wet weather finally broke yesterday.

There have been indicators the change was coming. On Saturday afternoon, just before sunset, Miles and I stood on the train station platform and watched a thick mist move across town to the west. In its wake we saw little patches of blue sky appear, revealed by bits of cloud torn away from the sky like wet paper. Sunday morning was mostly clear, followed by more rain in the afternoon. It was like a drill, the heavens testing to make sure that the sun still worked. Yesterday was still cold but completely cloudless:  perfectly clear and bright with a night full of stars. It was such a dramatic change from the heavy, low, and grey atmosphere that has been hanging over us all week that it was almost surreal. Today is cloudy but the clouds are moving elsewhere. A migrant sky. I look up and all I see is white. I look up again and it’s blue. This dance continues and I predict that we will hear the Kookaburras this afternoon. They’ll be calling it, as they always do. The end of the big long rain. Time to feast, time to fly, until it’s time to find shelter again.

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